How to read my MWL team previews without waiting

Dear readers,

As usual, I’m writing previews for all 16 Midwest League teams as they release their Opening Day rosters. In the past I’ve always directly posted them on this website, but that has changed this year. Now I’m posting my team previews first at Patreon (here) as a perk for those who wish to support my work with a minimal monthly pledge of $1, before eventually posting them here later. While much of my Midwest League coverage will remain free to read on this website and on Twitter, some of it will appear at Patreon first as a patron-first perk, and I’ll be creating some patron-only posts there as well. You can read more about that here. This is not meant to drive people away from this website; rather, it is a way for me to do this slightly differently while hopefully earning a small amount of compensation for my work. Regardless of whether you become a patron — I know this route won’t be for everyone — I still appreciate all my readers because, without you, I wouldn’t still be writing about the Midwest League quite so fervently after seven years, no matter my enthusiasm and passion for following my favorite minor-league circuit.

Craig Wieczorkiewicz, The Midwest League Traveler

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