New video scoreboard to be installed at Fox Cities Stadium

Fox Cities Stadium is getting a new video scoreboard this offseason. (Graphic courtesy of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)

Fox Cities Stadium will get a new video scoreboard installed before the start of the 2018 Midwest League season, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers announced Wednesday.

The new video board from South Dakota-based Daktronics will have a screen size measuring 26.5 feet high by 55 feet wide. By comparison, the video board being replaced has a screen size of 16 feet high by 35 feet wide.

“Our goal each season is to upgrade the overall fan experience, and this new video display will surely provide a wow factor to all in attendance,” Timber Rattlers president Rob Zerjav said in a press release. “The new video board will be roughly three times larger in screen size than our previous board and, in conjunction with upgrading all cameras to (high definition), will allow for a crisper picture and greater functionality.”

The new board includes a feature that allows it to show one large image or be divided into multiple zones to show a combination of graphics, animations, sponsorship messages, live video, and updated statistics at the same time.

Additionally, the Timber Rattlers are installing a new video display on Casaloma Drive that fans will see as they enter the parking lot, and a new video display above the stadium’s ticket windows. The display on Casaloma Drive will measure 4 feet high by 9.5 feet wide. The display above the ticket windows will be 14 inches high by 19 feet wide.

Installation of the main video scoreboard will begin in mid-March, and all new displays will be completed before the season begins, the team said.

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