New video scoreboard installed at Dow Diamond

A new video scoreboard has been installed at Dow Diamond. (Photo courtesy of the Great Lakes Loons)

Installation of a new video scoreboard in the Dow Diamond outfield area has been completed by the Thanksgiving deadline set by the Great Lakes Loons.

The next phase of the project is completing the team’s new production studio on the third level of the stadium in order to support the upgraded technology of a new high-definition system. It is expected to be operational and ready for testing early next year.

The new video board is 31 feet tall and 80 feet wide, and features 13HD technology. The 2,500-square-foot display is equivalent to 235 60-inch televisions, with more than two million light-emitting diodes (LEDs) capable of generating up to 281 trillion colors. Variable content zoning capabilities allow the Loons to show either one large image, or provide a seamless display with any combination of video, statistics, line score, sponsor advertisements and other animations.

The Loons are also adding 3.5-foot-by-120-foot ribbon display boards on each base-side for player statistics and other video elements. Those boards will be attached to the front façade of the suite level.

Removal of the original scoreboard began in early September. It had been in place since Dow Diamond opened in 2007.

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