Hidden ball trick seals win for Captains

The Lake County Captains won their fourth consecutive game Monday, but their latest win surely was the most interesting.

That’s because the game ended when Captains second baseman Angel Miguel successfully pulled off the ol’ hidden ball trick.

Here is a description of the play, from the Captains’ game story:

The Captains led 3-2 going into the ninth, but Bowling Green threatened against Lake County closer Billy Strode. After Strode got Brandon Lowe to ground out to second base, Moreno hit a one-out double to put the tying run on second. Strode then struck out Jake Cronenworth to bring the Captains within one out of victory.

Michael Russell was due up after Cronenworth, but the power-hitting third baseman never got to take a swing. After the strikeout, Miguel had the ball in his glove, unbeknownst to the Hot Rods. As Russell strode to the plate, Miguel waited with the ball in his glove, while Strode meandered behind the mound. Once Moreno took a couple of steps off second, Miguel raced to him and tagged out the confused baserunner.

Nobody in the ballpark seemed to realize what had happened at first. Captains manager Tony Mansolino emerged from the dugout and talked to the umpiring crew of Greg Roemer and Jose Matamoros. After a brief conversation between the umpires, Roemer signaled that Moreno was legally tagged out for the final out of the ballgame.

The hidden ball play is unusual to see at the professional level, but it does happen occasionally — especially, it seems, if Miguel is involved. This was the third time Miguel pulled off the play this season, with the first two times happening when he played for the Double-A Akron RubberDucks.

Connor Marabell drove in all three runs for the Captains. Brett Sullivan went 4-for-4 with three doubles for the Hot Rods.

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