Kane County Cougars unveil new logos and uniforms

The new primary logo of the Kane County Cougars

The new primary logo of the Kane County Cougars.

The Kane County Cougars unveiled new logos and uniforms Tuesday, marking the first major makeover for the Midwest League team’s look in 25 years.

The Cougars have used the same primary logo since 1991, their first season. (See the old logo on a coffee mug here.) Now, instead of a cougar’s head on a baseball, the primary logo is a more menacing-looking Cougar holding a baseball bat. The trees in the background of the logo represent the Forest Preserve District of Kane County, where the team is based.

“It was time to update our logo,” Cougars vice president and general manager Curtis Haug told MiLB.com. “In looking at some other logos in Minor League Baseball and pro sports in general, we thought it would be a great opportunity. Now that our 25th-anniversary season is over, it’s time to start the next 25 with a fresh new look.”

The new primary logo is on the left sleeve of all three new uniform designs, and a version of it is on one of two new cap designs. The other new cap design sports a “C” for Cougars instead of  “KC” for Kane County.

“We felt like going with the ‘C’ as opposed to ‘KC’ — with the KC Royals out there, it didn’t make a whole lot of sense, so we decided to go with the ‘C’,” Haug said. “We all agreed upon it, it gave us a fresh new look, because we’ve never had that on a cap.”

One could argue that although the font is different, Kane County’s “C” is similar to that of the Chicago Cubs. The Cougars are based in Geneva, a far-western suburb of Chicago.

Here is more about the redesign, from the Cougars’ press release about the changes:

Creative direction for the new identity was led by Cougars graphic designer Emmet Broderick along with Studio Simon, a sports-brand identity firm whose portfolio includes numerous professional sports franchises, collegiate teams and leagues throughout the world. …

The focal point of the redesign is the Cougars’ new primary logo, which serves as an exciting look and departure from the previous mark, which was relatively unchanged since the franchise began in 1991. A menacing, bat-clutching, green-eyed Cougar with teeth visible is framed by the Kane County Cougars name and a wood-detailed park ranger-shaped badge. The outdoor landscape is reflected in the tree-lined background and is tied into the Fifth Third Bank Ballpark grounds, which are owned by the Forest Preserve District of Kane County. The “Cougars” furry script lettering incorporates the distinct look of a cougar’s tail in the letter “G.” The rebranded identity incorporates popular primary colors of navy blue, tan and bright green into the organization’s palette. Game and batting practice ballcaps showcase secondary logos that build from the new primary logo, incorporating a rugged Cougars “C” surrounding the bat-wielding Cougar.

The primary logo will be prominently displayed on several of the new game jerseys beginning next season. In addition to white home, gray road and navy blue batting practice jerseys, the Cougars will also showcase a unique bright-green alternate jersey with the “Cougars” script font. This specialty jersey will be worn by the team for select games beginning next season. Jersey sleeves highlight the Cougars’ new primary logo as well as the logo of the parent club Arizona Diamondbacks.

The new primary logo, ballcaps and uniforms unveiled by the Kane County Cougars.

The new primary logo, ballcaps and uniforms unveiled by the Kane County Cougars.

The team’s mascot, Ozzie, is also getting a makeover that will reflect Kane County’s new look. The new Ozzie will be revealed at a later date.

Images courtesy of the Kane County Cougars

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