Lightning causes game suspension in Bowling Green

Lightning caused Wednesday's game at Bowling Green Ballpark to be postponed. (Photo by Steve Roberts/Steve Roberts Photography)

Lightning caused Wednesday’s game at Bowling Green Ballpark to be postponed. (Steve Roberts Photography)

Intense lightning throughout a 45-minute delay prompted postponement of Wednesday’s game between the Bowling Green Hot Rods and the West Michigan Whitecaps.

The game will resume Thursday in the bottom of the 3rd inning. The Whitecaps lead 1-0 on a 1st-inning homer by Michael Gerber. (With apologies to former Peoria Chiefs catcher/current Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson — whose Twitter handle is @BringerOfRain20 — does this mean Gerber is the bringer of lightning?)

Here is another shot of the lightning display behind Bowling Green Ballpark, courtesy of Steve Roberts Photography:

SR lightning shot 2 (cropped)

As the sky began to darken, it filled with hues of orange, red, pink and purple, as seen in this photo tweeted by Whitecaps radio broadcaster Dan Hasty:

BG red sky

Lastly, here is a photo by Hot Rods head groundskeeper John Gides. The Weather Channel shared it on its Twitter feed!

BG lightning shot by John Gides

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