South Bend Cubs unveil new logos, uniforms

The South Bend Cubs unveiled their new logos, caps and a home jersey design during a press event Thursday at Four Winds Field.

Here’s a look at the main logo surrounded by four complementary ones:

all SBC logos

The typeset used for the words “South Bend” on the main logo is the same one associated with Studebaker automobiles, which were produced in South Bend from the 1920s through 1963. Among the car models made by Studebaker was the Silver Hawk, which is why the baseball team’s previous nickname was the Silver Hawks.

“This was an important feature to us,” said Joe Hart, president of the South Bend Cubs. “We’re incredibly excited about bringing the Cubs to South Bend, but we’ll never lose that connection to our local heritage. And I think it’s really good to know that the Chicago Cubs like this design that integrates some of our Studebaker heritage as much as we do.”

The team has adopted the same primary colors used by its parent club, as you can see in the new logos and team uniforms.

SBC home jersey & caps “The designs we’ve come up with are especially important because they represent more than a professional baseball team. They represent everyone who lives in this region and one of the most storied brands in baseball history,” said Andrew Berlin, owner of the South Bend Cubs. “The people of this region who have supported the team deserve the best. The Chicago Cubs deserve the best. We feel that this is the perfect blend of Cubs and South Bend — two things that our local fans have told us that they feel very strongly about.”

“The Chicago Cubs are one of the most iconic brands in the world — not just in the sports world, but in the entire world,” Berlin added. “We’re going to make sure that their players and also the fans in this region see the connection very clearly — this is a Cubs team — South Bend Cubs to be sure, but Cubs, no question about it.”

The South Bend entered into a four-year player development contract (PDC) with the Cubs in September.

*Images courtesy of the South Bend Cubs. Quotes from the team’s news release about the press event.

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