The All-Time Quad Cities Team first baseman candidates

Voting began yesterday to determine who fans think should be the first baseman on the All-Time Quad Cities Baseball Team. Here are the candidates, along with their statistics from when they played in Davenport:

Don Mincher (.330, 23 HR in 128 games with 1958 Davenport DavSox)

Jim Spencer (.223, 2 HR in 76 games with 1965 Quad City Angels)

Willie Mays Aikens (.284, 17 HR, 91 RBI in 125 games with 1975 Quad City Angels)

Paul Sorrento (.356, 6 HR, 34 RBI in 53 games with 1986 Quad City Angels)

Justin Morneau (.356, 12 HR, 53 RBI in 64 games with 2001 Quad City River Bandits)

You can cast your vote on the River Bandits’ website or the team’s Facebook page.

MWP among best stadiums in MiLB

For those who have visited Modern Woodmen Park, it should come as no surprise that the home of the Quad Cities River Bandits was ranked among the best minor-league ballparks by Benjamin Hill, reporter and author of Ben’s Biz Blog. Here’s what he wrote about MWP:

Formerly known as John O’Donnell Stadium, Modern Woodmen Park is in its ninth decade of existence, but has aged gracefully. Extensive renovations in recent years have certainly helped. But even without that boost, Modern Woodmen, located on the banks of the Mississippi River, would still be worthy of mention due to its stunning backdrop. Rising beyond the right-field fence are the interlocking arches of the Centennial Bridge, a beautiful structure that connects Davenport, Iowa, with Rock Island, Ill. This is one of the most spectacular views found in the Minors, and it’s only going to get more spectacular. The River Bandits recently announced that a Ferris wheel and a Zip-line soon will be added to stadium grounds.

(Read more about the Ferris wheel and other additions planned for MWP here.)

I couldn’t agree more. The gem of MWP really is its backdrop, something that must be seen in person to truly appreciate how cool the view is. There doesn’t even have to be baseball in the foreground to get an idea of what I mean:

The snowy scene at Modern Woodmen Park earlier today. (Photo courtesy of the Quad Cities River Bandits)

The snowy scene at Modern Woodmen Park earlier today. (Photo courtesy of the Quad Cities River Bandits)

(To see more photos of snowbound Modern Woodmen Park, click here.)

Find out which other ballparks made Ben’s list here. Modern Woodmen Park is the only Midwest League stadium that made the cut. Do you agree that MWP is the best ballpark in the Midwest League? Tell me which one is your favorite (and why) in the comments section.

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3 Responses to The All-Time Quad Cities Team first baseman candidates

  1. Chris says:

    The view at MWP is very hard to top…went to my first game back when they were the Swing simply to see THAT view, and it did not disappoint. Made a return trip last August, and it has only improved.
    I have yet to visit an MWL park that I don’t like. My personal favorite is 5/3 Ballpark in Geneva, mainly because I’ve had partial season tickets for 3 of the past 5 seasons. The renovations they’ve done in the last few years have really made for a great setting. I’m also partial to my hometown park in Peoria, IL.
    The park in Grand Rapids is also very nice….we had a great time watching the Chiefs play the Whitecaps back when Ryne Sandberg was managing Peoria. Have been to see a few Cedar Rapids games while visiting family there, and have had a really nice time there as well. And seeing a not-yet-famous Mike Trout was a plus.


  2. Yeah, MWP is pretty amazing! It was probably the highlight of my trip in 2010. The additions they will be making will make it more fun for the kids, just hope it doesn’t take away from the baseball. These snowy stadiums are getting depressing, though!


  3. John Watson says:

    MWP is a great ballpark and all, but I’ll drive up to Clinton any day for a game. The problem in Davenport is that they try to do too much to please everyone. What ends up happening is sensory overload for three hours. I want to go to a game to relax. Sure, part of the reason it’s more relaxing in Clinton is because they normally have 1/3 the number of fans, but they also put baseball first. Plus in Clinton you are right on top of the field. I don’t need nor want a video board, hot tub, or ferris wheel to keep me entertained.


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