Cooley Law School Stadium snow scenes

The "Hometown Hero" statues outside Cooley Law School Stadium, home of the Lansing Lugnuts, on Tuesday.

Knowing it was snowing yesterday morning in Michigan, I put out a call via Twitter for photos of any of the state’s three Midwest League stadiums covered with snow. Cooley Law School Stadium (home of the Lansing Lugnuts), Dow Diamond (home of the Great Lakes Loons) and Fifth Third Ballpark (home of the West Michigan Whitecaps) all hadn’t been featured yet in an installment of my ongoing series, “Snowbound stadiums of the Midwest League,” so I hoped someone would help me add one or more of them to the wintery mix.

Joel Dinda came through for me in a big way, sharing 30 photos of Cooley Law School Stadium with me. For those of you who don’t know who Dinda is, he maintained a website called A Fan’s Guide to the Midwest League, which I’ve occasionally used as a reference for this blog, especially information pertaining to the history and movement of Midwest League franchises. He stopped updating the website after the 2009 season but continues to pay close attention to the Midwest League, especially his “local” team, the Lugnuts.

Here is a shot of the front of Cooley Law School Stadium …

The serene scene in front of Cooley Law School Stadium on Tuesday.

… and here is a shot of the outfield:

The outfield was covered with snow Tuesday morning.

Imagine, in less than two months, people will be sitting here consuming concessions while watching baseball …

… and, if the mood strikes them, they might sing along to the Lugnuts’ team song, “Go Nuts!”

Opening day is less than two months away!

* All photos courtesy of Joel Dinda, except for the “Go Nuts” scoreboard photo, which was taken by Craig Wieczorkiewicz.

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6 Responses to Cooley Law School Stadium snow scenes

  1. Hi Craig! Thanks for the sweet reminder that the Lugnuts will be back on the field soon enough. Can’t wait for your book. Keep us in mind when it comes out, okay?


  2. To me it will always be Oldmobile Park. Hate all the name changes to these ballparks. We’ve only been to Lansing a couple of times, but really like the stadium there.


  3. I really like Lansing’s stadium, too – inside and outside. I don’t mind the Cooley Law School Stadium name too much because it’s sort of unique – after all, how many ballparks are named after a law school? What really rankles me is the growing number of Midwest League ballparks named after Fifth Third Bank (3).


  4. And don’t forget Fifth Third Field in Toledo, home of the Mud Hens. Not to be confused with Fifth Third Field in Dayton, of course. If we want to step outside of baseball, the Cincy Bearcats b-ball team plays at Fifth Third Arena. Argh!


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