A sneak peek at the new Fifth Third Ballpark scoreboard

The new manually-operated scoreboard installed at Fifth Third Ballpark this month.

A few months ago I wrote about the renovations being done at Fifth Third Ballpark, home of the West Michigan Whitecaps, this offseason. On Friday, the Whitecaps updated their Facebook page with photos of the old scoreboard and video board being dismantled and the new manual scoreboard and video board being put up.

The photo seen above is courtesy of the Whitecaps. This is just a single-photo sneak peak, so I urge you to go here to view all the photos if you’re interested in seeing how the changes are unfolding at Fifth Third Ballpark.

* * *

Thanks to Daniel Day, author of The Ball Caps Blog, I now know the date of this offseason’s baseball solstice. December 30 marks the halfway point between the last game of the 2011 World Series and the first day spring training games will be played in 2012. He proposes that baseball fans do something to mark the occasion — the winter of our discontent is halfway over! — and I’d like to do that. Anyone have an idea how to best do so? I’m open to suggestions.

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2 Responses to A sneak peek at the new Fifth Third Ballpark scoreboard

  1. ballcaps says:

    I’m thinking a trip to the nearest ballpark to raise a glass might be in order.

    Years ago a colleague and I were in Kansas City on business during the winter, and we decided to drive out to the Royals’ stadium just for the heck of it. We just sat there for a few minutes in the parking lot and said stuff like, “Can’t wait ’til spring!”


  2. Baroque97 says:

    A few Tigers fans that I know on Twitter are going to watch the DVD of Game 5 of the 1984 World Series and live-tweet it as though we were watching it live. As one person said, “I’m going to celebrate like a drunk 36 year old instead of a sober 9 year old.”

    Maybe do something like that, or if people have a favorite game off mlb.tv watch the archive of that game together. Kind of a way to make baseball feel more present and say goodbye to 2011 at the same time. 🙂


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