MWL ballparks of the past: Battle Creek’s C.O. Brown Stadium

C.O. Brown Stadium in Battle Creek, Michigan

Madison’s Warner Park isn’t the only former Midwest League ballpark I visited in the past month. During the Midwest League Championship Series, on the off-day used for travel between venues, I stopped in Battle Creek to check out C.O. Brown Stadium.

C.O. Brown Stadium hosted Midwest League games from 1995 to 2006, mostly as the home ballpark of the Michigan Battle Cats (1995-2002), but also as the home field of the Battle Creek Yankees (2003-2004) and the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays (2005-2006). The Battle Creek franchise moved to Midland, Michigan, and became the Great Lakes Loons after the 2006 season. (In my last post I noted that Madison’s second Midwest League team is now the Great Lakes Loons; the Madison team moved to Battle Creek before moving to Midland.)

C.O. Brown Stadium is now the home of the Northwoods League’s Battle Creek Bombers, who won this year’s Summer Collegiate World Series.

Because the Northwoods League season ended a month earlier, I didn’t get to go inside C.O. Brown Stadium, but I did get glimpses of the field through open spaces in the surrounding fence.

As you can see from the photo below, it probably was (and still is) easy to snag home run and batting practice balls at C.O. Brown Stadium. A baseball that goes over the outfield wall goes out of the ballpark, not into a seating area like in most stadiums.

Behind the outfield wall of Battle Creek's C.O. Brown Stadium

As you probably figured out from reading this post, I hadn’t been to C.O. Brown Stadium before this visit, so I don’t know much about the park’s interior. If you’ve gone to a game there, regardless of whether it was a Midwest League game, feel free to add to this post via the comments section.

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  1. I love C.O. Brown, it’s where it all began for me. My love for Minor League Baseball….


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